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Art show at Alder Wood Bistro

February 9, 2017 - March 31, 2017

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Through Their Eyes: Love Where You Live

Thursday, Feb. 9 through the month of March at Alder Wood Bistro, enjoy local art, inspired by local landscapes. More than 20 artists have generously donated pieces of varying mediums for this unique exhibition. Thanks to the artists and the support of Bistro owners Gabriel and Jessica Schuenemann, all proceeds from the show benefit local land conservation efforts through North Olympic Land Trust.

Please join us anytime from 1-4 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19 at the Bistro for an Open House to celebrate these incredible works of art. The artists will be on hand to chat about their pieces and the inspiration they each glean from their local surroundings. Wines courtesy of Wind Rose Cellars will be available, as well as “wine bites” from Alder Wood Bistro and chocolate produced by local Master Chocolatier Yvonne Yokota.

Meet the artists:

Aaron Parker, Squall Line
Oil on canvas
“Aaron Parker is a classically trained oil painter who resides on the outer coast of the Olympic Peninsula.  Native to the area, he has drawn a lifetime’s worth of constant, inexhaustible inspiration from the rugged wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest. Parker’s work is done almost entirely by commission and is held in private collections from Seattle and Los Angeles to New York and Brussels, Belgium. He has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from the University of Washington.”

Bridget BakerSequim Sunshine
“When my senses are filled with the splendor of this precious land around me, I like to express my feelings through my art.”

Catherine MixTongue Point at Salt Creek
“This place  we live is a constant inspiration.”


Eva KozunCrows Dance & Play
“Capturing light around me is everything. It is always the light that I remember most about any location. ‘Crows Dance and Play’ is a small painting set in a riotous display of a day’s ending light.”

Henning ErbenWinter Light
(360) 912-3690, erbenbarbara2@gmail.com
“The winter light and the snow covered mountains to the south are the inspiration for my latest series of work. See more of Henning’s work February and March at Wind Rose Cellars.”


Jayne JohnsonDungeness Spawn II 
“Photographing in the vast beauty of the Olympic Peninsula is like stepping into a world of mysterious magic and unfolding beauty. When I stand in this world, nothing else exists except the mystery and the light that surrounds me. I see the tossed light in the early dawn, a light dancing in the trees, the light of shadows moving across a rocks surface and the sunlight tiptoeing on the water in a silent reverie. I have an altered perception when I enter into the unfathomable beauty of the Olympics.”

Jessica Ruby, Summer Cedar
“The Olympic Peninsula is remarkable for its scenic beauty, light, colors and quiet. I love the oceans, mountains and gentle valleys. What a wonderful place to preserve. Thank you, North Olympic Land Trust.”

Jinx BryantSlow Slip Series #X
“My current work fuses two passions, earth sciences and art. The medium of pastel enables me to render the tension, the turmoil of the geoplogic processes and forces that exist deep within the earth. My “Slow Slip” series explores this theme. The gestural strength of the pastel stroke, the pastel mark enables me to convey tremendous energy inherent in these processes. My work presents these geologic concepts as abstractions of the physical plane. I describe, define and then obscure images, leaving the viewer with a sense of the energy and the forces deep within the earth. I try to create immediacy in my work that leaves the viewer sensing the chaos and the scale of the events.”

Joyce DeCastro VolmutNesting
Oil on basswood/Jelutong
“I am inspired by the perseverance of wildlife, by their quiet resolution to be only themselves, by the unique characteristics that separate one from the other , not striving to be anything more than what they are. How I envy that.”


Karin AndersonA Stack of Nash’s 
“A trip to the Sequim farmers market, Sunny Farms or Nash’s is all the inspiration I need to pick up and brush and start painting. I love the riot of colors, shapes and textures in the fruits and vegetables so abundant in our valley. Nash’s beets and carrots are a favorite subject! Karin is the featured artist in February at the Blue Whole Gallery.”


Ken Dvorak, Salt Creek
“A love affair with the outdoors, that’s how I find my inspiration. ‘A photograph is made, not taken.'” – Ansel Adams.


Lora Haines Malakoff
, Here Comes Spring
“I spend hours contemplating the beauty of nature surrounding me on the Olympic Peninsula. The raw, constantly changing landscape is fascinating. From a vast snow-capped mountain range to a few crocus struggling through the ice and snow to herald Spring’s arrival, there is beauty that inspires me everywhere I look.”

Lindsey Aspelund, Field in Dungeness
lindseyaspelund@gmail.com, (360) 477-5576
“The beauty of the landscapes on the Olympic Peninsula have inspired me to carry my camera at all times. You never know when you will find a scene like this conserved farm. Thanks to North Olympic Land Trust, these gems will be protected forever.”

Liisa FagerlundWhiskey Creek Overlook
Fiber collage
fagerlund@hotmail.com, (360) 460-8527
“Living in this area where farmlands reach the sea, where meadows line country roads leading to forest trails, and mountain views abound, the beauty and variety of the environment provides constant inspiration. This piece was conceived while working on a volunteer trail crew maintaining the Adventure Route.”


Lynne ArmstrongArtichoke Thistle I, II and III
lynne.armstrong2@gmail.com or lynnearmstrong.com
“The natural abundance of the land cradles the creative energy of artists in this area. It is a treasure we must all take responsibility to protect.”

Robin PopinskiBeginning Snowmelt
Oil on linen panel
“Working Plein-Air on the Olympic Peninsula allows the creative process to flow due to the natural beauty and saturation of color.  Painting out in the elements adds another degree, one must work quickly to lay down the paint  before the the light source anc weather changes.”

Sky Heatherton

“I love painting outdoor scenes from our beautiful area.  Our Peninsula is such a treasure and the park a world Heritage site. We need to value and protect this spot on earth.”

Susan Gansert Shaw
, Field #7
Pastel with watercolor and graphite
“Susan Gansert Shaw lives and creates on the North Olympic Peninsula exhibiting her watercolor and mixed media pieces in her studio at Rock Hollow Farm. Susan’s background includes a BFA from Syracuse University and numerous workshops, awards and solo shows, “but it is a walk on the beach, a hike in the hills or the solitude of my studio that continues to be my inspiration. Please feel free to give me a call or stop by my studio.”

Chelsea KrouseMoonrise Over the Cascades
“Our peninsula’s sunsets and sunrises inspire me with their vibrancy and neon. This painting was inspired by the moon rise of mid January.”

Jan FinfrockA Hike in the Woods
Woven runner
jfinfrock80@gmail.com, (360) 504-2816
“A hike to Camp Handy was my latest inspirations, all the greens and golds of the mosses.  Look at the colors in my weavings and you can tell which landscape I am remembering, here on the Peninsula or from our previous home in the Southwest.”

Ryoko ToyamaAcross the Bay, Protection Island And Visitors to Our Valley, Swans at Port Williams
ryokotoyama@yahoo.com or bluewholegallery.com/artists-m-z/ryoko-toyama/
“Nature is the landscape architect and teacher of my art.  It is a joy to feel and depict energy of earth with magical touch of light and wind.”


February 9, 2017
March 31, 2017


North Olympic Land Trust


Alder Wood Bistro
139 West Alder St
Sequim, WA 98382 United States
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