About Us

North Olympic Land Trust’s Mission is to conserve the land and natural resources that continue to be the foundation of our culture, economy, and way of life.

Land Ethic

  • Habitat:  Conservation of habitat for a diversity of plants and animals, including humans.
  • Resources:  Sustainable harvest of food, fish and trees, as well as the ability to absorb carbon and adapt to climate change.
  • Quality of Life: The power of nature to refresh and delight, to provide opportunities for recreation and connection, and to support art and culture.

When in balance, these three values are mutually supportive and enhance each other. With proper stewardship, all three sustain the others and our community.

Land Acknowledgement

North Olympic Land Trust works to conserve lands that are on the traditional and ancestral lands of the indigenous people who have lived on the North Olympic Peninsula since time immemorial, and who continue to lead in environmental stewardship. We express our respect and gratitude to the Tribal Elders and members for their enduring principles of reciprocity, care and protection of the North Olympic Peninsula, and for teaching us about this place.

We are deeply appreciative of our relationship with the sovereign Tribes of the Peninsula and commit to working together to protect these lands and habitats for all future generations. Recognizing the negative impacts of colonization on Tribes’ access to traditional lands, we strive to understand this damage and support Tribes’ cultures and ways of living.

We are grateful to this land, these rivers, the Salish Sea, and the Pacific Ocean for their benevolence and their beauty. We recognize that we benefit by conserving and stewarding these habitats alongside the Tribes that call the Peninsula home who have cared for it for millennia.

We recognize every Tribe has its own history, culture, geographical range and language. We encourage you to visit Native-Land.ca to learn about the many Tribes of the Olympic Peninsula.

A Place Worth Protecting

We are dedicated to the conservation of open spaces, local food, local resources, healthy watersheds and recreational opportunities. Over the past 30 years, the Land Trust has permanently protected over 3,900 acres of land for farms, fish and forests.

The community’s land base is the bedrock of our culture, our economy, our homes and our daily lives. We all depend on this land where we earn our living, raise our families, and enjoy its beauty. We know that conserving land for farms, fish and forests will pay direct dividends back to our own quality of life.

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Confidence, Trust, Inspiration: What it Means to be an Accredited Land Trust

First accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2012, North Olympic Land Trust has maintained this prestigious designation by providing extensive documentation and to a comprehensive third-party evaluation. We are one of 1,281 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance’s most recent National Land Trust Census. A complete list of accredited land trusts and more information about the process and benefits can be found at www.landtrustaccreditation.org.