About Us

A Place Worth Protecting

North Olympic Land Trust’s mission is to conserve lands that sustain the communities of Clallam County.

We are dedicated to the conservation of open spaces, local food, local resources, healthy watersheds and recreational opportunities. Over the past 30 years, the Land Trust has permanently protected over 3,700 acres of land for farms, fish and forests.

The community’s land base is the bedrock of our culture, our economy, our homes and our daily lives. We all depend on this land where we earn our living, raise our families, and enjoy its beauty. We know that conserving land for farms, fish and forests will pay direct dividends back to our own quality of life.

The Land Trust’s land ethic supports three categories of value: habitat, resources and aesthetics.

  • Habitat:  Maintenance of healthy habitat for a diversity of plants and animals, including humans.
  • Resources:  Sustainable harvest of food, fish and trees.
  • Aesthetics: The power of nature to refresh and delight.

When in balance, these three values are mutually supportive and enhance each other. We do not have to pick one over the others, and in fact should not. With proper stewardship, all three sustain the others and our community.

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