Grass fed, pastured based, diverse, sustainable, small family farm — that’s us. We live and grow our farm in Sequim Washington just east of Port Angeles in the northern rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  The ground here is fertile, and irrigated while the climate is mild and perfect for year round pasturing. While we are not big enough to warrant the cost of becoming certified organic, we strive to abide by organic practices. Our animals are free from added hormones, antibiotics and raised in open space with plenty of room to roam and graze. We believe that pasture is the best and healthiest way to grow our meats and eggs.  In addition to the animals we raise to sell, we have horses, turkeys, cats, dogs, honey bees and rabbits.  We enjoy our family garden and orchard in the summer months and preserve as much of the harvest as possible while still maintaining our sanity. Click here to more about Bent Gate Farm.
– Bent Gate Farm