Donor Privacy Policy

Policy 5-B


North Olympic Land Trust (Land Trust) will be accountable to its donors by ensuring the privacy of their personal information is fully protected and the credit card information used to make donations is secure. To protect the privacy of its donors, the Land Trust has established strict and limiting rules and uses a secure third-party organization for donations made over the internet.

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Complies with Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices
– Standard 5 Fundraising
– Practice B, Accountability to Donors

The language in sections 1.0 through 4.0 of this policy will be, verbatim, on a hotlink on the Land Trust’s website.

1.0 Personal Information Collected:

The Land Trust may collect the donor’s name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, and donation history, and, if provided, the name of spouse/significant other. The Land Trust may collect information provided by donors regarding the names, addresses, telephone number(s), e-mail addresses, and donation history of persons receiving honoraria and memorials.

2.0 How Information is Used:

Unless otherwise requested by the donor the Land Trust uses personal information to:
a. Send e-mail and newsletters to keep donors informed of North Olympic Land Trust’s activities and operations advancing its mission.
b. Send an e-mail, letter or telephone donors asking them to serve as a volunteer with some Land Trust event.
c. Send requests to donors for donations.

3.0 How to Contact the Land Trust to Review Personal Information on Record:

To review your personal information, please contact the Land Trust at (360) 417-1815 or

4.0 Security Measures That Protect Personal Information

a. The Land Trust does not share any of donor personal information outside the organization.
b. The Land Trust uses third party organizations, primarily GiveLively,” and “Stripe” (through GiveLively), and their secure websites to process credit card donations from donors. As a matter of policy, the Land Trust never retains any records of credit card details about any of our donors. All data are processed through third parties. Information shared with the Land Trust for its records is limited to the last four credit card digits for us in transaction tracking and recording, as well as the credit card expiration date for recurring transactions. Credit card numbers or card tracking data (the CV2 three-digit number on the back) are never shared or recorded by the Land Trust. More details of the credit card security can be found at and
c. Donor information is secured by password protection on Land Trust computers and servers, and in locked file cabinets and facilities.