Progress Continues at River’s Edge!

Forward progress continues at River’s Edge! The Land Trust and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe now own 104 acres and will ensure that it stays farmland and habitat forever. Together, the Tribe and Land Trust are now moving forward with preparations for the levee setback project. The levee project includes removal of the existing embankment and construction of a new levee that will be situated further back from the east bank of the Dungeness River. This will create critical habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife, as well as allow the river to meander more naturally along its floodplain. The relocated levee will include a walking path so that the public can continue to enjoy the sights and sounds of the river and nearby farmland forever.

Temporary alterations during the levee relocation will include a construction road across the farmland property, linking Towne Road to the levee and riverfront. The construction road easement will go into effect in April 2021, and will expire three years later. As part of the agreement, the Tribe will ensure that the roadway is restored to pre-construction conditions when the levee setback project is complete, restoring the original character and functionality of the farmland.

River’s Edge by John Gussman