Surveyors: Botany | Birds & Wildlife | Insects & Butterflies | Streams & Shorelines


Put your knowledge of flora and fauna to work! Volunteers are needed to monitor both plant and animal species. Reoccurring surveys of what plants and animals are present on conserved lands, as well as projects underway, can help us better understand the relationship between conservation and ecosystem health and biodiversity and provides information to make better land management decisions.


One-hour survey orientation with Land Trust’s Land Manager required prior to conducting surveys.


Varies depending on subject. Most surveys are conducted in spring-fall.


4-8 hours depending on site location.


A familiarity with the given subject, and ability to identify and record species, fill out standardized data sheets, provide own transportation and work in the field without staff supervision. *Note: Invasive plant surveys will need to be able to use GIS to map infestation occurrences, and should be skilled in traveling off-trail and bushwhacking while following a survey pattern.

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