The Power of Collaborative Storytelling: Community Gathers for Inspiring Conservation Breakfast

Thank you to Katrina Shelby Photography for all of these amazing photos from Conservation Breakfast!

Last Saturday, we were thrilled to celebrate with our community at our 16th annual Conservation Breakfast. Over the years, this gathering has become our community’s largest celebration of local land conservation. This year, we brought together over 300 people to hear from a panel of brilliant storytellers featured in Salmon, Cedar, Rock, & Rain, published by Braided River in 2023.

Art and writing help us bridge the gap between humans and the natural world, igniting passion for conservation and inspiring action to protect our home. We were so moved by the passionate words shared by Wendy Sampson, Loni Grinnell-Greninger, David Guterson, Lynda V. Mapes, and Tim McNulty about what this place means to them and why it so important to protect it. We left profoundly touched by the deep care that our community shows for our shared home, along with a deep-rooted hope for the future of the Olympic Peninsula.

But the inspiration didn’t stop there! A generous anonymous donor offered a $10,000 match challenge, and thanks to your incredible support, we surpassed that goal! Together, we raised over $18,165 that morning. With the match the total rises to $28,165 for local conservation efforts!

Thank you to all of our guests, presenters, and volunteers for making this year’s Conservation Breakfast such a powerful event!

2024 Out Standing in the Field Award: Tim McNulty

We were delighted to honor Tim McNulty with the 11th Out Standing in the Field Award for his work to connect people and place and encourage environmental action through his writing and community efforts.

Congrats to Tim McNulty, and thank you for all that you do for this community!

Thank you to our sponsors!