Conserve Your Land

Do you hope to conserve your place on the Peninsula for generations to come?

North Olympic Land Trust uses two main tools to permanently conserve properties across Clallam County: land ownership and a land trust tool called conservation easements.

A conservation easement is a practical way to keep farmland and woodlots  in production and protect important fish and wildlife habitat from development. You can continue living on your land and earning income from it throughout your life and you may also benefit from lower income and estate taxes.

Do nothing and your land is vulnerable to development. Federal estate taxes of up to 55% of fair market value may pressure heirs to sell the land to pay the taxes. And as the world discovers the Olympic Peninsula, future owners may be tempted by rising property values – or a different land ethic from yours – to sell it for development.

North Olympic Land Trust works cooperatively with willing landowners and local communities to conserve the farmland, forests, shorelines and wetlands we all love forever.  Our intention is to ensure the habitat, resources, and aesthetics that define the North Olympic Peninsula don’t disappear under subdivisions and asphalt.   Our approach is successful because it is collaborative, voluntary and incentive-based.

Learn more about the Land Trust’s conservation tools on our How We Do It page.

To learn more about how you can conserve your land, please contact Mike Auger, our Conservation Director, at (360) 417-1815 or send him an email at