Dedicate your Gift

Flowers on holidays, marriage proposals in alpine meadows, picnics on birthdays, scattered ashes on sea cliffs, these are some of the nature-based ways we mark our most important and intimate moments. This innate desire to tie important personal events to nature is in alignment with Gretel Ehrlich’s observation that “everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.” (The Solace of Open Spaces)

Over the years, our community has used North Olympic Land Trust memorials and honorariums as a means to incorporate nature into defining human experiences. A donation to North Olympic Land Trust, in honor or memory of someone, is a gift that will last forever in the form of land and habitat conservation and stewardship. When you make an online donation of any amount to the Land Trust, you can select to dedicate your gift to someone as a memorial or honorarium. If you choose to become a monthly Evergreen Donor, and you select an honorarium or memorial, we will recognize that dedication with your first monthly donation.

Based on what you indicate at the time of making a donation, we’ll: 

  • List you and/or the person being honored or remembered in our next monthly e-news;
  • Feature their names on our website (updated monthly); 
  • Include a web address or QR-code to a list of those honored or remembered in our print newsletter, Landscapes
  • Contact the honoree, or the loved one of someone being memorialized, letting them know about your gift, if you desire; and,
  • Send an email notification to the person of your choice at the time of donating online, if you desire.

Honor or memorialize someone today.

Donations in Lieu of Flowers

It is often customary, upon a loved one’s passing, that donations be made to the deceased’s favorite non-profit in lieu of flowers.

To encourage this practice, common language for an obituary is:

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to North Olympic Land Trust in _______’s memory.  Donations can be made on the Land Trust’s website ( or by mail.

North Olympic Land Trust
P.O. Box 2945
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Please indicate on the check or on the website’s form that this donation is in ________’s memory.

Land Trust staff will contact family members and share general information about contributions received in a loved one’s memory.


The Land Trust is grateful to have received gifts that honor or memorialize our community members. Read our full list of gift dedications, as well as the Courthouse Elwha Return dedications here ›

Lyre Conservation Area. Photo by Patrick Downs.

In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
And I think of you. 
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you, 
It would have left its shores, 
Its shells,
Its fish, 
And followed me.”
-Nizār Tawfīq Qabbānī,
“In the Summer,” (1923-1998)