Mike Auger – Conservation Director, (360) 417-1815 ext 7

I deeply enjoy being able to help our community conserve some of its most important areas through land protection and stewardship. I’ve been involved in the land trust field for over 20 years and since 2019 have been leading the Conservation Department for North Olympic Land Trust. Part of my day-to-day work includes forging close relationships with willing landowners to develop land protection projects to permanently conserve important land in our County.   In my spare time I enjoy botanizing, being outside, genealogy, and traveling.

I love where I live because it reminds me of where I grew up (in Maine), but with bigger trees and mountains! I’m honored to be living in the incredible landscape of the Olympic Peninsula.

Jesse Greer – Land Protection Specialist, (360) 417-1815 ext 5

I grew up in a small town in rural, southern Colorado. As the state’s population rapidly grew, I became acutely aware of the need to protect land that is essential to local communities for its agricultural, ecological, and recreational value. After getting my degree from the University of Colorado, I worked for Boulder County’s Conservation Easement Program for two seasons which gave me the opportunity to work with hundreds of landowners who had conserved land that provided vital resources to the local community and economy. I am so excited to begin my work with The North Olympic Land Trust and forge similarly close relationships with members of the community who want to permanently conserve important land in Clallam County.

I love where I live because the Olympic Peninsula is such a unique place with a diverse and vibrant community. The easy access to the stunning Olympic Mountains as well as the majestic waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean is something truly special. You can find me out exploring the peninsula during my free time.

Courtney Bornsworth – Land Manager, (360) 417-1815 ext 4

After spending several seasons working at Olympic National Park on the Elwha River restoration project and delving into the world of private environmental consulting, I became Land Manager at North Olympic Land Trust. As land manager, I oversee the care and maintenance of over 800 acres of land owned and managed by the Land Trust. This land provides important habitat for fish and wildlife, fosters outdoor recreation, and aids in supporting our community through sustainable timber production. I also engage with volunteers from all walks of life to accomplish site-specific goals for each of these properties.

I love where I live because our community has so many wonderful things to offer including fresh foods, beautiful scenery, and ample biking, hiking, and camping opportunities, all of which I love sharing with my son and husband.

Julie Anne Hopkins – Conservation Easement Steward, (360) 417-1815 ext 9

I returned to beautiful Washington State in 2018 after pursuing my education and subsequent career in conservation biology and land management in the state of California. My professional experience spans over 3 decades of work – primarily with federal resource management agencies and over time migrating to non-profit conservation organizations. I have an enduring passion to help protect natural and working lands for present and future generations of humans, as well as native plants and wildlife. As Conservation Easement Steward I implement the Land Trust’s robust monitoring program including annual property visits and time spent with wonderful landowners to ensure conservation guidelines are being met for permanent protection of each property.

I love where I live because the combined beauty of land, sea and sky is amazing and dynamic, the vistas are dramatic, and there are many trails to explore. I love going for a hike with my dog and stopping on our way home at one of the many farm stands to grab fresh produce for dinner – what a treat!

Erika Lindholm – Acting Executive Director

Erika moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 2014 when she went to work for Craft3, whose mission is to strengthen the economic, ecological and family resilience of the Pacific Northwest. She was immediately smitten with this place and was happy to join as a founding member of the Board of Managers of Olympic Peninsula Conservation Resources LLC (a subsidiary of the Land Trust) in 2015. Beginning in early 2024, she shifted to working part-time for Craft3 as contract project manager for the organization’s Watershed Conservation Fund (WCF) pilot. If the pilot is successful, the WCF will become a financing tool for large scale land protection transactions that result in improved water quality in Washington. Erika aims to contribute her knowledge of business and finance to ensure that the Land Trust can continue to do its important work in perpetuity.

Delana Lopez – Office Manager, (360) 417-1815 ext 1

I moved to Sequim from Tennessee in 2018 and fell in love with the Olympic Peninsula, particularly the landscape of mountains and ocean. My background is in public health and I’m proud to be a part of a community that works to protect forests and working lands because I believe conserving and protecting them is vital to the health and wellness for people today and for future generations.

I love where I live because there are so many opportunities to connect with nature and benefit from the beauty around me.

Noah Mohmand – Property Management Technician

I moved here from the east coast with my partner and cats three years ago in pursuit of environmental work and education. I have always been fascinated with environmental science ever since I was a kid and have always wanted to pursue a career where my “office” was out in the field. I have spent the last couple of years working for the Washington Conservation Corps on a crew based out of the Lower Elwha where I was introduced to all the wonderful restoration and conservation work the Olympic Peninsula has to offer. I am now currently in school working on my Associates in Applied Science and hope to transfer to Western Washington University to finish my degree in environmental science. In my free time I enjoy exploring the peninsula with my partner and taking care of my many plants, frogs, and fish.

I love where I live because I have never been somewhere where there were so many shades of green and lush foliage year round. 

Tom Sanford – Executive Director

Tom is currently away on medical leave. If you are trying to reach Tom, please reach out to Delana and she will get you in touch with the right person., (360) 417-1815 ext 6

I really enjoy finding ways to help build a community that together strives for a local future with a strong economy, healthy and diverse environment, and diverse and vibrant culture. My role at the Land Trust is to work with really talented colleagues and community members and provide what they need to achieve our mission of conserving the lands that sustain our community. In addition to my work at the Land Trust I’m proud to volunteer on the boards of the North Olympic Healthcare Network, Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Jefferson Land Trust. 

I love where I live because within minutes of my house in Port Angeles, I can explore and discover amazing places with my family and friends. We sometimes see Orca on our walks!  I can then come home and we can create an amazing meal highlighting the food we get from our CSA at Salt Creek Farm.

Lexi Wagor – Community Relations Manager, (360) 417-1815 ext 2

While I was born and raised along Washington’s urban I-5 corridor, I have always held a deep respect for the world around me. It wasn’t until college that I got to truly experience the joy, curiosity, and wonder that the natural world has to offer. Those experiences sparked my passion to help others build stronger relationships with the landscapes that nourish them – and that is exactly what I get to do in my work with the Land Trust!

I love where I live because there are a lot of people that care deeply about this beautiful, special place. Place helps people, quite literally, find common ground. I am awed and inspired by the ways this community comes together to support each other and work towards a vibrant future for the Olympic Peninsula.

Alex Wilson – Development Director, (360) 417-1815 ext 3

I am eager to support the North Olympic Land Trust in conserving and stewarding the many types of habitats and lands our community shares. Though my focus will be on fundraising, the ultimate goal of all of my work is to support the community’s needs and goals for this precious and invaluable land and its magnificent waterways. 

I love where I live because my greatest teachers in life have been forests, and so, after 11 years of living on the Hyde Cable Car line in San Francisco, I have at last returned to the forest. A hobbyist at heart, I live here to knit, draw, read, or forage under the dark canopy of our Northwestern paradise.