Be Tax Smart This Summer

Lupine regrows at the former lakebed of Lake Mills by John Gussman

June is exactly the right time to be evaluating your investments, finances and 2022 tax burden, especially with recent market changes.

Being tax savvy is an important part of meeting your financial goals. Donations to North Olympic Land Trust are tax-free, and can offer additional tax incentives to help you meet personal and financial goals.

Leading national financial institutions note that most people wait too late in the year to meet with financial advisors to take the best actions to maximize their investments and finances and to offset their taxes. It is even more important to speak with your financial advisor during market uncertainties to meet your financial and giving goals. 

If you take Required Minimum Distributions, planning now can help you meet your withdrawal requirements while investing in conservation on the Peninsula. Learn more about Required Minimum Distributions here.

With changing market conditions, many folks are reallocating their investments, and in some cases incurring major taxes. By planning a donation to the Land Trust now, you can offset some of the taxes associated with buying and selling properties, stocks and other securities when tax season is upon us.

Steelhead at Salmon Cascades by John Gussman

It’s never too early to plan how you’ll take advantage of giving to the Land Trust while offsetting some or all of your tax obligations, but it can be too late. 

This summer, speak to your financial advisor about how you can take advantage of tax savings by donating to the Land Trust.