Make observations through iNaturalist and contribute to local conservation!

Community science is a collaborative effort where anyone from any background can participate in scientific research – bringing people together and getting us all excited about the amazing biodiversity of the natural world.

iNaturalist is like a social network for nature enthusiasts and it’s a powerful community science tool. It lets anyone record sightings of plants, animals, fungi, and much more as well as connects you with community to help with tougher identifications. These observations become a massive biodiversity database used for research.

Did you know that any observation you record in iNaturalist while at one of our public conservation areas is automatically collected in our Biodiversity on Public Lands project?

What do we do with this information? Your contributions are not only helping you understand our local biodiversity, but also directly helping our staff better understand the lands entrusted in our care!

Looking to build your naturalist knowledge?

Getting into plant and animal identification can be intimidating, but really all it takes to be a naturalist is to be curious and observe the world all around you! We recommend these four totally free smartphone apps to get you started: