Stewardship in action

The long, wet winter took its toll on the bridge at the Lyre Conservation Area. In February, a large maple fell across the roughly 1-mile trail that leads from the parking area to the mouth of the Lyre River and beach. The tree came down near the end of the trail, damaging the bridge that spans Nelson Creek.

The bridge was still safe to allow foot traffic, but needed repaired before service vehicles could use it again to conduct routine property maintenance and pump the portable toilet, generously sponsored by the Surfrider Foundation: Olympic Peninsula Chapter. Thanks to North Olympic Land Trust’s dedicated and skilled volunteer Stewardship Crew, the bridge was repaired on March 21. Members of the crew, including Elden Housinger, Cal Thomas, Steve Langley, Curt Batey and Bill Spring, led by the Land Trust’s Stewardship Director Lorrie Mittmann tackled the project, despite it being quite a dirty job – literally! To repair the bridge, the crew had to excavate behind the retaining wall (the damaged portion) and install new timber – an all day project.

The bridge repair at the Lyre Conservation Area is just one of countless examples of the behind the scenes work the Stewardship Crew does. Every Tuesday, rain or shine, the crew is out on any number of the thousands of acres conserved under the Land Trust ensuring trails are maintained and properties are responsibly cared for.

Depending on your interests, there are many different ways to get involved with local land conservation. Without our incredible team of volunteers, North Olympic Land Trust couldn’t be the community tool it is today. Click here to contact the Land Trust about volunteer opportunities.

A BIG thanks to our Stewardship Crew!

Thanks Cal for your awesome tractor skills!








Bridge repair underway

Even when working, the surrounding nature is hard to ignore.

Spring at the Lyre!

Thanks for being a great partner, Surfrider Foundation!