Supporting Farms, Fish, and Forests for the Future – Together

With outstretched hands, my oldest kid holds up a piece of bull kelp he’s found at Ediz Hook: “What’s this one, mommy?” When I look at my two kids playing in the sand, I am hopeful about the conservation work our community is prioritizing.

It’s important to find hope in conservation because climate news can feel overwhelming. We’ve all asked ourselves: “does anything I do really make a difference.” The short answer is, “yes,” your actions, donations, and votes make an important difference. Thank you!

When we come together as a community, we are able to accomplish environmental successes. Your support of the Land Trust has lead to the protection of:

  • 4 conservation areas being open to the public
  • 2,700 acres of forest
  • 23 farms 
  • 20 miles of river and stream banks
  • About 1 mile of shoreline frontage

As I watch my children enjoy the natural beauty of our home, I’m filled with a sense of urgency to continue conserving and protecting this place we love. During the economic upturn, we saw unprecedented demand for real estate and new construction, leading to the permanent loss of habitats and farmland. 

This “boom” may be leading to a “bust,” as the recession is causing a precipitous drop in demand for real estate. Though this may seem like a win-win for us–it looks like we have more time to conserve lands at lower prices–the reality is, we are now faced with landowners who are desperate to unload their properties “before the market reaches rock bottom.” These rushed sales could put our organization in a bind because we typically have to apply for grant funding for projects. 

Despite these economic pressures that not only influence our conservation efforts but affect all of us personally, our community continues to support our work in remarkable ways. We are grateful! Specifically, donations to the Land Trust have enabled us to confront some of the above mentioned challenges. For example, cash liquidity enables us to powerfully counter “cash offers” quickly and without waiting for grant funding.

If you haven’t donated this year, I ask you to donate an amount that brings you joy, knowing your gift will directly support conservation work right here, at home.

This community’s dedication to conservation and preservation of our preferred ways of living means that my children will continue to have stunning places to walk under old growth, buy local produce, and sift through sand to find the perfect kelp specimen. From my family to yours, thank you!



Land Manager