U-pick in support of local land conservation

Longtime North Olympic Land Trust volunteers Jim and Robbie Mantooth are inviting fellow Land Trust supporters to come and enjoy the delicious summer bounty of Ennis Arbor Farm. Located in east Port Angeles, along Ennis Creek, the farm is an incredible example of what can be achieved through responsible land use.

Jim and Robbie were inspired to open their farm for u-pick strawberries and several unique varieties of cultivated blackberries as part of their ongoing effort to support local land conservation. Additional u-pick opportunities for fresh and organic produce will depend on season and crop production.

Schedule your u-pick today!

  • U-pick is by appointment: e-mail ennis@olypen.com
  • Bring: containers for picking, appropriate shoes and gloves to protect from thorns and stains.
  • Payment: cash or check only. The Mantooths will donate all payments to North Olympic Land Trust. Pickers will need to handle any tax deductions for charitable donations beyond produce market prices.

About the farm:
In 1998 farm owners Jim and Robbie Mantooth conserved their 46-acre property, located on the east side of Port Angeles, to protect riparian habitat on Ennis Creek, riverine wetlands and their associated functions and values, second growth timber, open space and habitat for salmon, and other wildlife. As one of the first properties conserved under North Olympic Land Trust, Ennis Arbor Farm showcases the positive impact of local land conservation for farms, fish and forests.

Note: All ages are welcome at the farm, but for both the protection of children and the surrounding gardens, all youth must be supervised by adults at all times.