Volunteer Spotlight: Zane Williams

North Olympic Land Trust began over 30 years ago as a grassroots organization run entirely by passionate and dedicated volunteers. While the organization has evolved in those three decades, volunteers and the contribution of their time, generosity, and expertise remain the heart of North Olympic Land Trust. Thank you to our volunteers!

We’ve been getting a lot of help this summer from Zane Williams, a Port Townsend resident who has been studying abroad in France and is home for summer break. Read on to get to know Zane and why he chose to spend his summer with us!

Hey everyone! I’m Zane, an undergraduate student who is volunteering with the North Olympic Land Trust this summer.

Zane helping the Land Trust build trails at the Calawah Conservation Area in Forks.

Why are you volunteering with North Olympic Land Trust?

I’m volunteering with North Olympic Land Trust because I believe in their work—and their approach to it—couldn’t be more important for the well-being of the Peninsula community. Our lives revolve around this land, and this land has been shaped by our lives. The Peninsula’s nature, farms, and fisheries need care to withstand our rapidly changing climate and society. I believe the North Olympic Land Trust successfully provides this care.

Unlike most nonprofit organizations which operate with an immediate end goal, land trusts work beyond our lifetimes. By humbly and diligently learning from indigenous communities, farmers, and climate experts, North Olympic Land Trust is able to make informed decisions to ensure food, community spaces, and biodiversity for future generations. As someone who hopes to grow old here, I appreciate the North Olympic Land Trust’s proactive approach to environmental protection.

Why do you love where you live?

I love everything about living here. One of the many things that makes me exceptionally happy about living on the Peninsula is the produce! We are lucky to have some of the best soil, farms, and climate in the country. I love to cook, and the quality of ingredients available on the Peninsula is unparalleled.

Zane has been an incredible help to the organization—from joining the stewardship crew for trail maintenance and building out on the land, to advising us in community engagement activities, to doing graphic design projects, to helping organize the office. Thank you so much, Zane!

As Zane demonstrates, the Land Trust offers diverse volunteer experiences that offer the chance for community members to deepen their connection with the Olympic Peninsula and support local land conservation. Interested in volunteering? Visit our volunteer page or email Lexi.