Connecting people to place

North Olympic Land Trust has a strong, 27-year history of working with its communities to invest in local land conservation that promotes economic, social and natural capital. As we build on this past, the organization is strategically evolving with an even greater focus toward identifying and meeting broader community needs through conservation.

As part this ongoing evolution, the Land Trust team aims to grow and deepen the impact of its “Love Where You Live” authentic, place-based community conservation campaign first launched in mid-2016.

Thanks to the support of the Land Trust Alliance, North Olympic Land Trust was able utilize a grant to expand on the Love Where You Live campaign throughout the last part of 2017. A wide variety of great projects were accomplished through this work – all with a goal to connect people with place and inspire a shared and responsible community land ethic. Among the projects was one that initiated the first steps toward deepening the visitor experience at the 280-acre Lyre Conservation Area.

To do this, we hired a part-time consultant to compile information gleaned about the Conservation Area via multiple site visits, public surveys, and direct discussions with organizational partners. Using this information and additional research, the consultant worked with Land Trust staff to write a report that included both immediate and future recommendations for actions to deepen the visitor experience at the Lyre Conservation Area. (See an example of the findings from one public survey question below).









Based on the report and available funds, the consultant worked with staff to prioritize implementation of a some of the immediate recommendations. These included interpretative signage and better use of the existing kiosks, as well as the installation of at least one bench and one picnic table.

As a result of this work and again the support of the Land Trust Alliance, by the end of the year (2017), you and fellow visitors of the Lyre Conservation Area can enjoy educational signage about the area, a bench to rest and relax in nature, and a picnic table to share in hopefully countless meals while creating memories with friends and family in a stunning part of the North Olympic Peninsula. These additions to the Lyre Conservation Area are just the beginning and one example of the many ways the team at North Olympic Land Trust hopes to help connect people to place.

Love where you live!