Legacy Grove Trail Open at Lyre Conservation Area








July 28, 2022 – The Legacy Grove is now open at Lyre Conservation Area! As a part of the John Willits Legacy Circle, the Legacy Grove Trail honors those who leave the Land Trust in their wills. Their lasting legacy allows the Land Trust to continue conserving and restoring land.

The trail has been in the works for over three years, and we are proud to share its opening with our community. This would not have been possible without volunteers contributing countless hours to the construction of this trail. Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

This trail winds through a grove of trees is part of a recovering forest that will grow and renew the landscape over time. We are humbled and honored that members of our community have left us in their estate plans, and to thank them, we honor them with a tree in this grove.

John Willits Legacy Circle

This July, we came together for the annual celebration of the John Willits Legacy Circle, and to celebrate the opening of the trail. Legacy Giving is an important way for many Land Trust supporters to meet their conservation goal of having a lasting impact on protecting this special place. Legacy Circle members’ bequests have enabled the acquisition and permanent protection of major habitats and farmlands across Clallam County. Without their generous commitment to conservation, those conservation efforts may not have happened. Consider joining the Legacy Circle today, and be a part of protecting this place forever.

To learn more, visit the Legacy Giving page.

Photos by Courtney Bornsworth