Live like a Mussel: Harvest Update

Endless waves crash against the mussels that cover Tongue Point. The incessant battering seems to strengthen the mussels, enabling many to survive 100 years. Like the waves slamming against Tongue Point, our community finds itself battered again by the insidious corona virus, bursting through vaccine and mask barriers meant to hold back pathogenic waves. We are strong—we too can build tough exteriors.

COVID’s rise has meant that we are once again postponing Harvest Dinner, one of our most cherished events honoring farmers and farming. The Harvest Committee is especially disappointed, not only because so much planning had gone into this year’s special return event, but more disappointing, we once again are limited in how we can visit with all of you.

With short notice to create a totally new plan, we must scale back Harvest Dinner and are instead focusing on meeting the priorities this community reported to us in our last e-news. Nearly 75% of our community reported an unwillingness to eat indoors with others, due to COVID. Instead they prioritized the following:

(1) provide a way to support the Land Trust through donations;
(2) honor and celebrate farmers and farming in the area; and
(3) celebrate this year’s Farmer of the Year.

We will meet these three community desires.

We are incredibly excited to share with the community about the two farms we are currently working to conserve, Mid Valley Farm and the Dungeness Hub.

Folks are always encouraged to donate to the Land Trust at any time of year, either online, drop off at our office, or by mail at PO Box 2945, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

In September we will be at the Port Angeles Farmers Market on September 17, where we’ll have materials and information about our 2021 successes, 2022 priorities and projects, and our new 5-year strategic plan. We’ll graciously accepted donations at the Farmer’s Market, and encourage you to support local farms while visiting us.

We will announce a Sequim location for visiting with us and dropping off a donation, once the location is secured.

We’ll also be hosting a drive thru at the Land Trust office in Port Angeles in the afternoon on September 22 . This will be an opportunity for folks to see us in person (outside or in their cars), use our drive thru to give their donation, and visit with staff and Board Members outside.

Lastly, in lieu of Harvest Dinner, we’ll be honoring this year’s Farmer of the Year virtually, and spotlight a number of local farms who are ensuring all of us have the option to Eat Local First!

More information and details will be provide in future communications about all of the above Harvest Activities and virtual Farmer of the Year celebrations.

We are disappointed to cancel Harvest Dinner, but we also stand with our community in making difficult choices to keep us all safe and healthy. We greatly appreciate your understanding and your support of conservation on the North Olympic Peninsula. Living on the edge of the Peninsula, we know what it means to be like a resilient mussel clinging on the edge of a wave-battered rock. We will get through this and enjoy a Harvest Dinner once again.