Love Where You Live Artist Call

In partnership with the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, and thanks to the support the Land Trust Alliance, North Olympic Land Trust is seeking a local artist (Clallam or Jefferson County resident and/or artist with a strong connection to the North Olympic Peninsula) to create the exterior signage of the Land Trust’s office located at 602 E. Front St., Port Angeles.

This artist call is part of the organization’s “Love Where You Live” campaign, which is an ongoing, place-based campaign centered on celebrating and promoting responsible land use and stewardship on the North Olympic Peninsula. Thus, the signage should reflect a love for the North Olympic Peninsula.


Benefits to the selected artist:

  • $1,000 for supplies and commission.
  • Prominent public exposure
  • Promotion via press releases, artist reception, Land Trust and Port Angeles Fine Arts Center’s websites, and social media
  • Permanent wall display just inside the Land Trust office with brief description of the art piece, a short artist biography and any contact information/website provided by the artist


  1. Construction: Creation of art will be done offsite and transported to the Land Trust building at the time of installation. The art/sign cannot be done directly on the building’s surface.
  2. Installation: Sign will be installed by either the artist and/or a professional sign installation crew that will be hired by the Land Trust, if needed. The artist must be onsite during installation.
  3. Dimensions: Area where the sign will be located = 164 sq. ft. Available for signage = 148 sq. ft. (maximum). Minimum = 100 sq. ft.
  4. Location: Unprotected, exterior, south-facing wall of single story building above the main entrance.
  5. Permit requirement(s): Per City of Port Angeles permit requirements, the sign must be attached securely enough to satisfy wind standards that apply to the location because it’s within 1,500 feet of the shoreline. Per the artist’s recommendation, the Land Trust can provide the necessary materials to securely attached the sign, such as bolts/hardware, to the building.
  6. Art must:
    • Be long lasting and durable.
    • Require minimal upkeep, if any.
    • Include the Land Trust’s name (North Olympic Land Trust) in clear, visible print. If needed, the Land Trust will work with the artist on lettering and/or hire another party to do the lettering.
    • Be consistent with the Land Trust’s colors, which are: Dark blue (CMYK = 70/50/15/45) Orange (CMYK = 0/75/100/0) and beige (CMYK = 2/3/4/5).
    • Reflect the Land Trust’s mission.
  7. Timeline: Artist will be selected by Monday, Dec. 18. The artist will have until Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to complete signage and collaborate with the Land Trust on installation.
  8. Public reception: Artist will be asked to participate in a artist reception at the Land Trust office in celebration of the completion of their work. This will likely occur in May or June. Date TBD, and will be mutually agreed upon between all partners and the artist.

For more information, please contact Alana at 360-417-1815 ext. 3 or

Thanks to the Land Trust Alliance for making this opportunity possible!