Retired farmer fosters farming locally & afar

Before wintering in Port Angeles, and eventually moving to the area, Don Naddy spent much as his now 99-plus years on his farm in South Dakota. Although he has since sold his farm, Naddy is helping others be able to farm both in South Dakota and Clallam County.

Don Naddy shares fond memories of his farm in South Dakota with good friend Gary Gleason. Photo by: Robbie Mantooth

Don Naddy shares fond memories of his South Dakota farming days with good friend Gary Gleason. Photo by: Robbie Mantooth

About a year ago, the retired farmer made sure the man who had leased his South Dakota farm would be able to buy it by setting a price below the appraised value. Naddy is now using funds he doesn’t need for living expenses to help with the cost of a community center in his hometown and for causes in his adopted county, including North Olympic Land Trust’s farmland protection projects.

Naddy hasn’t been able to be physically active in recent years, but he enjoys reflecting on a life that included serving in the South Dakota legislature, teaching first graders, working for the Grange and serving on various boards in Marshall County, South Dakota. He especially likes to talk with his good friend Gary Gleason.

“North Olympic Land Trust’s work in protecting agricultural lands fits well with Don’s stewardship of the land he farmed in South Dakota, as well as his dedication to education, the Grange and other public service,” Gleason said.

It is community members like Naddy that help to ensure future generations can continue to plow career paths in agriculture. Many thanks to Naddy for his farmland conservation efforts.

Robbie Mantooth contributed to this story